Quick pci-e 6-pin conector question. Please Help!

I am building my first system and most of my parts showed up today. I am looking at my Ultra XVS 600w PSU and I noticed that the 6-pin pci-e connector looks wrong. Here is a picture.

Shouldn't there be a sixth pin in the connector? I was also wondering why two wires are going into the lower center hole. If anybody could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. It's messed up, you should have one wire per plug. That plug that has two wires in it obviously got the wire intended for the upper plug.
  2. Your connector is correct. There is no wire in that location, and the 2 wires in the lower pin is also correct.
  3. What? All 3 power supplies I have here have a wire in each pin connector.
  4. My Antec is wired exactly like the one he is showing, and it's running a 8800 GTS.
  5. I can take pics of two of them, I don't wanna power down this pc just to take a pic of it. Also, for shits and giggles I checked out Newegg's pics of psu's and all the ones that I looked at that show a clear pic have it the way I described.
  6. Regardless, his power supply is correct.
  7. Here's one from a Thermaltake 700w psu.
  8. Here's one from a 1000w FSP psu.
  9. gcolefla, your connector is right, and it will work.
  10. That psu is a POS, go back and get yourself a better brand.
  11. You don't need this pin I guess. Since a few people have the same and it's working I guess it's ok...
  12. Tbonius said:
    gcolefla, your connector is right, and it will work.

    It may work, but it is obviously not correct. I found 10+ more pictures with wires in each pin on newegg, but not a single one that loos like the pics the op posted.
  13. According to a review is says this:

    * Sleeping Beauty Modular cables
    * Flex-Force wiring
    * Single 35A 12V rail
    * Quiet
    * Rugged good looks
    * Good stability
    * Great efficiency up to 75% load
    * Decent ripple

    * Waking Ugly No 3.3V line on the SATA
    * PCI-e uses one molex pin to power three 12V lines
    * Only two SATA connectors
    * Full load efficiency tanks
    * Low PF
    * No EPS 8 pin
    * No SLI support
  14. Well thanks for all of your input. It seems like that cable will work it just looked kind of strange.

    Oh and I know that that power supply is not a very trusted brand but I am giving them a shot. I think it is actually a nice looking psu. Plus I am only building a midrange system. I probably only need half of the wattage. Well thanks again
  15. Just additional info. Top row is +12v, Bottom Row of 3 pins are all Rturns (Gnd). On video card Pins 4,5,&6 are prabably shorted togetter, and pins 1,2,and 3 are probably shorted togetter, Woluld only make a difference if the 3 +12V pins use more than one rail.
    Just received my X1950XT yesterday evening. PS has two PCI-e 6 pin connectors. P5 has V3 +12 only, while p4 has V1 +12v. The Vidcard supplied a 6 Pin adaptor - Only has 3 Wires into pci-e connector ( one +12 and 2 Return lines. Pins 2, 3,and 6 are open.
  16. Thanks for the clarification.
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