Q6600 G0 overclock a complete failure... please help!

I recently built my system in an Antec 900. My temps are never below ~43 degrees load. I had great success overclocking my 8800gts, but trying to overclock my q6600 has been a complete failure. if you could reccommend some voltages, etc.

one more thing - when i do overclock, i typically get the IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL BSoD. Any tips on getting rid of that error?
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  1. IRQ - is an interupt request line; it might not be your CPU itself bud.

    Look to your RAM on this one man. Run memtest and post up your results.

    if you can't run memtest or it doesnt finish, you have your answer on your problem
    as I know alot of people are having problems with OCZ, Corsair and 775 board combo's.
    more specifically unstable voltages, faulty ram or bad Dimm slots.
  2. You probably only need to increase your vCore setting. I doubt you have any hardware problem. Also, make sure your Vdimm is high enough.
  3. my vdimm is at 2.4 v. this is the highest ocz covers in warranty. ( i know its a huge amount.) vcore is 1.3 or so, however the board says its only 1.24 (possibly due to vdroop?) my ram isn't overclocked at all (except for timing) - it's running unlinked.
  4. You need more vCore and probably less vDimm.
  5. jeez! i just ran prime95 small ffts and the temp rose to above 75 degrees! i had to turn the comp off before it auto shutdown. this was at a mere 1.3vcore!
  6. What are you using for cooling? You may need to re-seat your cooler.
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