Which case is better GigaByte Aurora or Antec P182?

Hey All,

I realized I posted this to the wrong forum (originally in the home built forum). I've gotten some good input, but would appreciate the thoughts of those who frequent the Case forum regularly :)


I find myself needing a new case...and like the 2 following cases:

Antec P182

Gigabyte 3D Aurora 570

I like both cases, but am interested in which is better for Thermals (ie which will keep the system the coolest). Noise is also a concern but not the #1 priority.


Oops...forget my system specs to help out:

Core2Duo 6700
Gigabyte P965-DS3
2GB PC2-6400 RAM
Thermalright Ultra 120
EVGA Superclocked 8800 GTS 320mb
2x Seagate 250GB 7200.10 SATA HD (non-raid)
2x DVD Burners
Corsair 520W PowerSupply

and I plan to overclock the system a little. Please let me know if I've left anything off.
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  1. I've heard those are both high quality cases, but if you read the reviews on newegg, the fans that come bundled with the Aurora are a bit anemic. The P182 has more sophistication, having the lower chamber with independent cooling for the PSU, and then 2 exhaust fans above and behind where the processor should be. Overall, I'm betting the P182 is a better cooling solution, but they are still both very good cases.
  2. Not sure about the new Aurora (the one you listed) but it is worth noting that the old one had serious thermal issues (but dont hold that against the new one too much, it has probably been improved).
  3. CompUSA has the antec p180B case for $69.99 with free shipping or in store pickup. Looks pretty good for the money. Those deals generally sell out fast. I got my sonata II for $30 after rebate at Fry's.com, and it sold out in about 2 hours.
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