CPU-Z is reporting lower v-core when running Futuremark

I decided to run the ice storm demo from futuremark which is made to stress all four cores in a quad system... Well two things I noticed 1. My max temp was 68 c and 2. Asus probe and CPU-Z reported my vore core dropped from 1.3680 down to 1.3000 or lower... IS that due to power draw by the CPU's and possibly not having a large enough powersupply??? I have a 8800 GTX and a Q6600 with 2 GB of ram two hard drives.... So I guess I am asking is this normal or does my 620 Watt enermax psu needs to be replaced... I hope not the guy at the PC store said that 620 watt will be more than enough power for my current set up....

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  1. That is called vDroop. Vcore drops under load - perfectly normal. Your PSU is almost certainly ok.
    You don't say which mobo you have but the Asus P5K bios has a fix for vDroop.
  2. Yes!!! I have a P5K board with the latest BIOS on it how do I fix this ???? What is the setting???
  3. I just want to add I do not have the deluxe version just the regular plain P5K

  4. The setting in the P5K deluxe is CPU Voltage Damper:enabled.
  5. Can I ask you guys a question since you both have quads... What is normal temps for a quad???? Mine is set to 1.3680 volts and idles at 43 C and full load 68 C... Too hot ???? Thanks for the help guys

  6. If you are air cooled 68c is not too hot at load. I wouldn't want to get any hotter than that. Keep in mind that the temps you get in a stress tester lilke orthos are far higher than you will encounter in day to day use even in heavy gaming.
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