Any motherboard models like this?

I havent been able to find any; but im looking for a mid to high end micro ATX board that has socket 939, 4 memory slots, and HDMI or DVI output

can anyone help? if not, i can go with socket AM2, but i'd need to pick up a new cpu, and i'm trying to keep this as cheap as possible

thanks for any input
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  1. I think you would be better off buy a GPU to go on a board as i havent seen too many around. you will also get better performance, im assuming for you HTPC?
  2. yeah, just trying to keep it cool - integrated graphics are generally less hot than cards
  3. Even so, a low end Nvidia, or ATI will not put out that much more heat than onboard and for the performance gain as well as not having to stuff around getting a motherboard that you dont really like, getting it just for the HDMI/DVI.

    Its worth the dedicated
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