power question with a new video card, please help

If i add in a 2900xt will my antec neoHE 550watt handle it or don't i have a chance?

My system right now has 3 120mm fans (on very very low speed), 2 300gig HHDs, audigy2, tv tuner, e6600, 2 gigs ram, dq6 mobo.
I will get another PS in time but i just want to know if it will boot and work for at least a few months with my current PS. Any thoughts?

Off the topic....i heard you can't utilize 4gigs of system ram if your OS isn't 64bit, true or not.
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  1. Any games have issues running on vista 64?, my tv turner card has drivers for it already so game compatibility is the big thing holding me back from switching. Like will they run even if there is not an exclusive "64-bit version"?
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