Problems with onboard audio

Hi all,

Need some help please. Just built the new system with a Gigabyte P35C-DS3R mobo. Trying to use the onboard HD Audio but for some reason the driver installation keeps on failing. Can't seem to make it work from the Gigabyte driver CD or the Realtek website.

Any ideas? All other drivers ahve installed fine btw.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Add & Remove programs. Are there any Realtek programs there?

    Device Manager. Did you try to update, find driver, uninstall etc. from there?

    Gigabyte driver folder. Is there a audio driver there?

    Maybe remove any and everything to do with audio driver and start fresh.

    Vista? XP? are you getting the right driver?

    Only trying to help..
  2. I'd check for drivers online on their website as well.
  3. Running XP Pro SP2. Tried all of the above and still not working.

    The audio driver showed up in Add/Remove Programs so I removed it and tried again but got the same error message.

    Device Manager shows no driver installed and when I try to find/update/reinstall it doesn't work.

    Tried the drivers from both Gigabyte's website and Realtek's - still the same error message!

    Thanks for the advice you two - anyone got any other ideas?
  4. What is the error message.

    No one can help you without this.
  5. May be a dumb question, but you do have the On-board sound turned on, right?
  6. Yeah asjit publisher said check the bios.
  7. lemmon
  8. Have you installed the UAA Microsoft Driver?
  9. UAA MS driver is installed. I've already checked BIOS and the onboard sound is enabled. The error message (from Installshield Wizard) is:

    "Install Realtek HD Audio Driver Failure !!"

    I also see the message:

    "The hardware was not installed because the wizard cannot find the necessary software"

    It makes no difference whether I use the CD, the Gigabyte website or Realtek's website.

    Any ideas?
  10. Get a soundcard?
  11. Does your motherboard manual have anything useful to say about your onboard audio?
    I love trying to figure out manuals.
  12. Manual not giving me a great deal - certainly not for troubleshooting. I've temporarily transferred the old Audigy 2 from my old system but was going to leave that in there when I sold it so would like to see if I get this working.

    Does anyone think it's worth reformatting and re-installing everything? Will a format clear all the chipset drivers so that I can try again?
  13. Make sure Azalia is ON in BIOS, go to this website:
    and download xp driver .exe set that up. Should really have no problems. If there still is try a clean install. Its worth it. I'm using the same board as you and I love HD Audio.
  14. Chikit - thanks v much. Already tried that before posting the original thread and no joy. Think I'll have to try a fresh install and if it fails again then I'll have to RMA the board I guess!
  15. Raz
    It appears that I have the same problem with audio
    I have the same mobo as you
    I wonder did you ever resolve your audio problem??
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