I can't capture analog video on my HP

I can't get any video editing program to capture analog video (digital video works fine). I have a HP Pavilion d4495.se-a with Windows XP. I have connected a VHS player though composite cables. If I connect to the front of the computer then Pinnacle says that there is no signals. If I connect to the back then Pinnacle doesn't complain over lack of signal but still the Preview is black and no file of the recording is created.

It's black without any captured file also with Movie Maker. I have check that there is a signal in the composite cables by connecting to a TV.

What could be the problem? If I check the HP Helpfunction I don't see any TV card in the list of installed hardware. Do I need to activate/set up the TV-card?

Any help is appreciated
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  1. Great information Now I got it figured out !
    Thanks !
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