Does Riva Tuner allow fixed fan control on SLI

I just added a second card and noticed it was 10c higher than the other.
I used ntune to monitor the temps on both cards.
I disabled the fix fan control that was @ 100% and after a few minutes both cards where same temps.
My conclusion is that Riva had only 1 card's fan @ 100%
Does anyone know how to enable both cards?
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  1. Answer found on a thread:

    In the RivaTuner "Main" control panel under "Target Adapter" drop down tab,you have 2 choices...
    1st: NVIDA GeForce 8800GTX/Plug and Play Monitor
    2nd: Nvidia GeForce 8800GTX/(Default Monitor)

    You have to enable both of them....Hurray,let the overclocking begin!
  2. Apperently this currently only works on XP
    Vista only has 1 setting :pfff:
  3. hopefully he's on xp then lol
  4. Haa..should of mention i'm dual booting.
    XP for all dX9 games
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