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We recently moved and i am missing some software that I would need to reinstall when i replace my hard drive (Which is in my possession just need to do it. The software i am most concerned with is cyberlink powerdvd 9 which came with my blu-ray drive, and I certainly dont want to pay 100 bucks for another copy if i can help it.
I was wondering if it would work to copy the program file as well as the registry hive for the selected programs and have it still work? or is there something else i can do to solve this problem?
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  2. Try to get a OEM copy from the manufacture website.
  3. The company hasnt been much help so far, I normally am unconcerned about packaged disks as drivers and such are typically outdated by the time you receive them, and most of the time there is a way to get the updated software from their site.
  4. What is the model?
  5. wow, what was i thinking, i was looking at the cyberlink site... I did go to the liteon website but because im in japan it goes to a chinese site, tried using open vpn but still goes to the chinese site.

    this is the model
  6. liteon emailed me back right away, and now that they have so has cyberlink... cyberlink has responded a few times today! They also said they do not have control over the production as to what is released by liteon as it is a customized product, and so cannot give me the tools that were purchased with the liteon drive but will pressure liteon to replace my missing software.
  7. still havent heard back from liteon... frustrating
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