Windows XP not recognising network card?

Hello, I am having trouble with getting my network card to even start working:

D-Link DWL-G520 (B2)

Asus P4PE 478 motherboard

The thing has been working fine until I formatted my computer and reinstalled windows, but now every driver refuses to recognize it's existence.

1. Installed XP.
2. Installed latest intel chipset drivers I could find.
3. Installed Service Pack 1, 3.
4. Installed the D-Link driver.

However, the driver does not actually see that I have the card and does nothing after installation. When I looked at the card via the device manager, it was still labeled as "Ethernet Controller" with no identification. Trying to update driver through the device manager, the furthest I got is the computer acknowledging that it's a D-Link card, but it listed the wrong version incorrect.

The only result of that installation was an error message: "Device could not start, blah blah, Code 10."
I tried different version intel chipsets (off the CD for the motherboard as well) and different D-link drivers; to no avail. I also tried taking the card out, installing the drivers, then putting the card in as some tech support boards suggested. Didn't do anything. Moving the card around different PCI slots also did nothing.

I don't understand why it just stopped working. Before the windows reinstall it worked beautifully, now I can't even get it to work. Help!
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  1. DWL G520 is a wireless adapter and, in my experience, they usually require the driver to be installed before the hardware is inserted. I would suggest referring to the D-Link manual or installation guide to check that you have followed their recommendations.

    If you treat the problem as a PCI issue, as well as trying other PCI slots, a useful step is to go into the motherboard's BIOS pages and disable any devices you are not using -- COM ports, Parallel Printer Ports (if you use USB printer), Game Port. This will free up interrupts, IRQ etc and may ease installation.
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