Can't format hard drives (SATA)

System: EVGA 122-CK-NF68-A1, Q6600, (1) WD 150GB Raptor HD - SATA, (1) WD 250GB HD - SATA. My computer is booting fine, but Windows XP or Vista will not format either of my hard drives. This is a brand new system that I just built. Windows Vista gave a warning that the hard drive may not be bootable or something like that. Windows XP freezes at one percent when formatting. Anybody have a solution to this?
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  1. I assume that you are trying to format them as part of the install.

    Generally that is caused by the RAID controller options. Turn off RAID and/or set the option to emulate IDE until after install. You can then switch it back if you wish. It is doubtful that you will see a performance increase anyway. Barring not doing that you will have to load a driver from floppy at the first screen during installation. See if your motherboard manual mentions where and how to find the driver.
  2. RAID was already disabled.
  3. you could try a third party application
  4. What SATA ports did you use? If they are not in the 2 that are facing forward try them. I cant speak for the Nvidia chipset but the Intel chipset has a "bootable" set on the ICH8R. In the EVGA manual the 2 SATA are port 1 and 2 on controller 1.

    Try only the Raptor in SATA 1 and leave the 250 out till you install Windows.

  5. I got my memory problem fixed and had the same problem. I ran Western Digital's diagnostic tool on the hard drives and the WD Rapter showed to have errors. I will be RMA'ing it Monday. The larger, slower hard drive works just fine.
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