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How to capture video from sony DCR-HC32E using 4/4 IEEE 1394 cable

Hi, I have a Sony DCR-HC32E camcorder and am trying to connect it to my
laptop running WINDOW VISTA. But somehow the OS does not find the camera nor am I
able to manually add new hardware. I connect the cable and start the camera
but nothing happens.

I have DVD BURNING XPRESS software.

I have been transferring the still images with the USB cable, but am not
able to use the 4/4 pin IEEE 1394 cable to transfer the video content. Am I
supposed to do anything special to activate the IEEE port on my laptop

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    Just make sure your 1394 (a.k.a. FireWire) is enabled in your BIOS and that Windows installed the drivers properly (look in Device Manager in your Control Panel).

    Also, you may have a defective cable. If you have another, you might swap to see if that helps.

    I have a similar setup and it works great, by the way. Good luck!
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