8800gts SLI in vista

I recently built up a system with the following:

QX6850 3.0ghz
2gigs ram (1.2ghz)
striker extreme mobo
8800 GTS 320MB x2 (eVGA)

I'm running vista, and I managed to get into a stable environment where I can actually switch between SLI and standard. Problem is, every time I run SLI, any game I load up has a pair of green verticle bars on the left side of the screen. I haven't actually run any benchmarks to see if I'm getting the benefit of extra performance in SLI yet (trying doom3 after this post) but I'm wondering if there's a quickfix for this somewhat buggy SLI issue?
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  1. In the Nvidia control panel under the Sli settings tab there should be as option to show sli load balance it sounds like you have this option checked and you want to uncheck it, sorry if I'm a bit hazy but I am using XP and older drivers with the 'classic control panel' interface which looks a bit different from what little I've seen of Vista.
  2. Yup that fixed it, thanks.
  3. Glad I could help mate. :)
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