8800GTS 640XXX vs 8800GTX 768 normal

I found these 2:

8800GTS 640XXX:
http://xfxforce.com/web/product/listConfigurationDetails.jspa?series=Ge Force%26trade%3B+8800&productConfigurationId=795899

http://xfxforce.com/web/product/listConfigurationDetails.jspa?series=GeForce% 26trade%3B+8800&productConfigurationId=731092

Which one shall i get, in here a 8800GTX is 110$ more than a 8800GTS 640XXX , so which shall i go ? is the difference very much ? resolution is 168x1050 and 1280x1024 , does anyone has a reivew of that 8800GTS 640XXX ?

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  1. If you plan to keep it for a long time, get the GTX, it's better than an overclocked GTS. Besides, you can overclock the GTX to match the frequencies of the GTS and you'll also have more stream processors and a larger memory interface. If you want to change it soon but you desperately want a new card right now, you should go with a GTS, but preferably with a 320 one and not factory overclocked, as you can overclock it yourself. I wouldn't pay too much for a video card right now with the G90 coming out in november. Also, it's not the best idea to buy overpriced factory overclocked cards as you can do it yourself.
    If you really want one of those two you posted, get the GTX.

    Edit: Here's a review of a XFX 8800GTS 320 XXX. Well, it's also about the BFG 8800GTS 320 OC, but it dosen't matter, just look at the XFX card's performance. The fact that it's a 320Mb model dosen't matter much, performance is about the same, especially at your resolutions. I'm sure there are reviews for the 640 one as well, but this is Guru3D, which I consider a good hardware site.
  2. Why buy an 8800?...Are you buying this to play crysis and what not?..If so just wait till november...G92 should be coming around and that would be a much better buy. The 8800's are great cards at DX9...but DX10 is a dif story...

    It's too late into this generation to nab a 8800 imo..up to you though...Keep in mind the 8800 doesn't support DX 10.1..even though 10.1 is not that much different from 10.0..it'll be something to remember. What card do you have right now? if it can last you a few months I'd recommend waiting. The g92 will replace the 8800's price range...the 8800 prices will drop...so up to you..
  3. What Kamrooz said, if you want it for Crysis wait for the 9800, or at least wait for Bioshock to come out and see how the 8800 performs under DX10. There are already "DX10" games around, but they're poorly optimized and not a trustworthy benchmark.
    You'll probably play Crysis on a 8800 quite well, they said the game would run on high settings on these cards, but if you can wait three more months for the 9800 then by all means do it.
  4. sorry cant wait , cuz i am gonna buy this week , also i dont pla @ very high resolution as i said , i have found an rare and awesome OCZ one
  5. No worries then. But keep in mind that on all the current dx10 titles (Can't call them titles really..more like patch jobs by adding a couple of DX10 Features) have had a big hit when it came to performance. So you might be a bit upset with the performance on DX10 titles...If you are going to get any brand try to get a EVGA..who knows..hopefully the card will come out within the 3 month Step Up program timeline so you can trade it in with the difference in cash for a g92.
  6. I live in IRAN and unfortunately EVGA step up isnt availabe here
  7. i only looked at title of this thread and i say the gtx... nouf said
  8. is the evga step up available in the uk?, I haven't looked, and i'll forget to do it myself
  9. Only problem is ... are they going to want $1,200.00 for a 9800 ?? That price on the ultra gags me ! Gonna install a seat belt on my desk chair to check next generation card prices ---- LOL
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