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So I was going to get ready to order some stuff, and I realized that the case I was getting isn't available on the site anymore. Crap. So now I need to find something with all the same features, and around the same price. This is the case I was looking at (in Black). So for my new case, it has to be black, has to have a transparent side, at least 2 large fans, etc. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. How black does it have to be?
    How bout the Antec 900?
  2. thermaltake kandalf, check it out.
  3. I'm liking the Antec 900, don't think it has enough fans though :p It was a bit more than I wanted to spend too, but I'll certainly consider it.

  4. LoL @ "not enough fans"
    There's some places you can get a good deal on a 900.
    Last month, Fry's had them for like $70. I think it went back up. If you shop around, you can get them for like $99.

    Edit: BTW...I saw Lamb of God at Ozzfest. Awesome show.
  5. Man i hav the case u said the apollo one u sed it has to be black i got it in orange with ultraviolet its sweet.
  7. I found the case I originally wanted at another store. Thanks anyways.

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