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So everything was working fine, I tried to run a game on steam and it froze on the title screen. I let it sit for a bit to see if it'd come back but no go so I powered down. When I turned it back on it would freeze on tyhe 'loading windows' screen before the log in screen. I tried it a few times and it kept doing it. So i booted from the disc drive and reintalled windows. I got a few files I needed from the windows.old file ( homework and documents) and deleted everything else. Then I tried to get everything back to standard again so downloaded the auto detect from AMD and leti t decide what to update, ran it, rebooted as promted - and it froze again. had to restore, tried a different update - same thing. I don't know what is going on here but it's really getting old fast. I have an alieanware aurora, radeon HD 5670 gpu, 2.8 GHz intel i7 cpu, 500 or 50 Watt power supply I cant remember which. I've ran some memory tests and it all checks out fine and whenever I restore it, it keeps working fine until i try to update my drivers.
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  1. You need to narrow down which driver is causing the problem and don't install it. Not all updates are better than previous versions. Most times, if you aren't having a problem and it's not a security risk, it isn't necessary to update the driver.
  2. I've tried two previous versions and the ame thing. It will install, then a window pops up asking to rebook so I do, then it freezing on the starting windows screen. There has to be an explanation, i mean everything was working fine until that game froze and now all this BS. I can't run anything on steam and i cant even get my desktop up to date becuase it says the drivers need updated. It looks like a 6 or 7 year old computer right now. Could it be that my GPU crapped out?
  3. If you hadn't of reinstalled, I would have suggested a system restore to a date you know the game works. If you use F8 like you're going into safe mode and select the boot log method, does the log show what it's hanging on?

    I guess it's possible it's the video card. Have you tried any games that don't require steam?
  4. I don't have anymore games on here that don't use steam, cut I can reinstall one and check
  5. Ok so I found a post and tried it out. I went into msconfig and disabled superfetch. now it's updated and doesn't freeze at startup, but it still freezes or crashes (usually crashes) when i try to start up a game. I reinstalled hellgate: london becuae it doesn't run through steam and it still crashed with the same error. When it crashes it gives me the BSOD with the error: An interrupt was not recieved on a secondary processor
  6. That's not a video card error. I think the game came out around the time of the first multi-core cpu's and doesn't know how to handle multi-core cpu's properly. I'd try a newer game if you have one.

    Also, steam has had a few client updates in the past month or so. Be sure steam is fully updated. other than that, I'm not sure what it could be at this point. Superfetch works fine on my computer.
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