Too high CPU temp?

My Q6600, currently only running explorer and Norton internet is reading between 48-55C. This seems a little high to me...

8800GTS superclocked
and this case -

All stock speed and HSF.

Any ideas?
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  1. Check to make sure you thermal paste is doing its job. Make sure theres not too much or too little. A little goes along way with that stuff and too much can lead to bubbles or air pockets in the paste which is bad. Especially if you bought the mobo and CPU as a bundle where the CPU was already installed. Id recommend getting some Artic Silver 5 thermal paste if ya havent already. That alone can drop you a few degrees.
  2. I'm using the stock applied compound, which i thought may be sufficent. I have been using speed fan and getting very different readings... around 34C. Which is more reliable. Also, The motherboard temp is reading almost as high as the CPU, could this be a airflow problem? My graphics card does feel pretty hot...
  3. well, how many fans does your case have, and how are they setup in terms of airflow? i have a feeling that your problems are in fact related to an airflow problem.
  4. I have one fan in the rear, and a vent for the CPU. here is the link for the full specs...
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