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Hi guys,

I am facing a rather interesting problem... I cannot log on to my computer with my password- it appears to have changed even though I did not change it. I have a guest account on the computer and when I log on from there, this command prompt screen appears and lots of them that say 1.exe, 2.exe, 3.exe, and so on (goes to around 150 ish) and if I close any of them new ones appear. I opened task manager and there were quite a few of 2 processes... ntv something.exe and cserve.exe or something like that. They were not taking up too much memory (only 900K each), so I thought it might be a problem with the start up settings at first but now, when I think about it, I wonder whether this might be a virus and if so, would it have been able to change/corrupt my windows password? (I was logged on to my admin account when these windows first appeared.)

So I guess my question now is: 1. is this a virus, and if so 2. how do I remove it (keeping in mind I only have access to the guest account) or is there a way to remove it? My OS is Windows 7 starter (came pre-installed on the computer). I really do not want to format the computer because a) I do not know how to and am not very accomplished in it b) I cannot take it to a repair station because the approved repair stations for this product do not return the product for in less than 30 days (they always take the max by law) and I cannot take it to a third part repair station because the product is still under warranty, and c) I have lots and lots of games and personal files on the computer that I do not want to loose (I cannot take copies of these either because they are located under the admin account, which I cannot access).

Any help would be appreciated... thank you!
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  1. Have you tried booting in safemode?

    Hold F8 during boot, before you see the Windows Logo.

    Select Safe Mode from the List.

    When the Login screen appears, there should be a previously unseen login account called Administrator. Use that account to log in.

    Click start, then in search type "msconfig" and hit enter.

    Click the tab on the top called "Startup"

    Uncheck everything listed. This will stop most programs from starting up when you log in.

    Hit OK

    Click "Exit without Restart"

    Click start, go to Control panel and then User accounts.

    You should be able to delete the password on your other account.

    Save a blank password and restart the computer.

    Try logging in to your normal account. And using some type of Anti-Virus/Malware scanner from the net. I recommend Ad-aware, Search and Destroy or AVG. Or use ALL 3.

    If all else fails, boot back into safe mode, use the other Admin account, and move all your documents and files to a external HD/Flash drive.
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