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So a friend of mine asked me to buy set him up a new pc. In my country pc hardware are very expensive even at dealers price (thats what i get).
So here are the specs of the new pc. The pc will be used for intesive photoshop, corel etc. No real gaming

XfX 680i sli LT motherboard
Xfx fatality 7600gt (the 8800gts was double the price around 320 ud dollars when converted)
samsung 500gb sata II HDD
Philips 190v7fb 19" monitor.
2gb Kingston ddr2 667mhz value
corsair 620w sli certified
logitech cordless mx3000 keyboard and mouse
Intel core 2 duo E6750 2.66ghz
Pioneer dvd-rw 18x sata
coolermaster mistyque 632 case.

Bare in mind that the pc will be left stock without any ocing except maybe in the feature when asked for more speed that i don`t think so. The pc costed at around 800 cyp, that is around 1650-1700 usd. As i said the hardware are very expensive and to get this pc at normal price would cost more than 2000usd. It was build with a budget.
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  1. If you aren't gaming get a cheaper Motherboard, you don't need sli at all. Get a cheaper p35 board.

    You can also downgrade to a corsair 520W.

    The rest looks good :)
  2. if u gaming it not important , then get a P35 board and save some money and get a Q6600 instead , :
  3. The p35 boards didnt come yet to my country. My choice was from cheap intel mobos, asus and msi. They only had the top of the line asus and the best for msi was the p965 platinum that i currently have. I`ve been building custom pc for more than 8 years now, for me and friends and one thing i learned is to never get a cheap mobo and psu. Why to downgrade the psu, this pc has future plans for quad core, raptor HDDs, more ram and maybe a quadro card.
  4. dont downgrade the PSU if u want QuadCore and future plans
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