My Q6600 g0 OC to 2.99 Ghz temps seem too high? 8 fans total in TJ-09

To begin with, here are my stock idle readings @ 2.4 Ghz:

I knew there was going to be trouble when I saw my VID at 3.00V instead of something lower :(

I than set my OC to 3.0 Ghz
Stock Idle Screenshot:

Finally, I've ran Prime95 for 10 minutes and here is screenshot of it:

(Prime95 is still running)

It's been 50 minutes and my readings are still 58 C
(Room temp is at 23 C)

I'm going to keep this on for about 1 more hour and see if temp stays under 60 C

If it does, I'm guessing I should keep it over night without monitoring?

What should I do guys? Lower the CPU Volt later?

My goal is to OC at 3.00Ghz only but shouldn't the temperature be under 50 C?

By the way, my specs of this build can be found here:

I basically have 8-9 Fans in my Silverstone TJ-09 Case total.

The Q6600 g0 is on a Ultra-120 Extreme heatsink.

I did not "lap" anything because I don't want the warranty.

Here's an updated Screenshot before I go to bed.
I am going to pray that it doesn't go over 65C when I wake up tomorrow.
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  1. Those temps are just fine. the only way I can think of to improve them would be to go to watercooling. Quad core chips run hot naturally.
  2. 80F in my house now.
    The temps are now between 57C to 62C

    2.999Ghz and 1.3075 or something volts set in the bios for the Vcore.

    I did a stress test with Prime95 for 4 hours and my Core #2 crashed 2:30 hours through the testing.

    So now, I've increased my Vcore to 1.31875V in the bios and I'm running the test again.
  3. Unless you are using exotic cooling there is no way that you can have a core temp lower than the ambiant temp. Speed fan is way off on Q6600s.
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