Best AGP Motherboard for Dual Cores?

I just purchased a 7600GT AGP card for my older dell.
I plan on building soon but would rather hang on to my video card for a while longer. Are there any decent preferably cheap MoBo that will let me keep this card and still have an OK system that supports Newer CPU's??

Thanks in advance
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  1. NOOO dont do it to yourself.

    If you do find one i would suggest against it, it will kill you for future upgrades. Ie what are you going to upgrade next after your purchase...the answer is GPU and seeing as neither NVIDIA or ATI to my knowledge are producing AGP cards for the new achitecture you would have to buy another system again with new mobo.

    My suggestion save some more money up, keep the 7600GT in your dell and get PCIex hell by the time you save the new PCIex2.0 might be around and you could goto that , giving you more upgrading options later on
  2. The only people who makes motherboards, with support for AGP, that can take a newer processor is ASRock that has a couple that can take a Core2Duo, however only the first generation 1066mhz FSB versions are guarenteed to work.

    The motherboards you should be looking for are: ASRock 4CoreDual-VSTA, ASRock 4CoreDual-SATA2 and ASRock 4CoreDual-SATA2

    I would however still advice you to get a little more money and build a system with a new motherboard, that supports the newer 1333 mhz FSB CPUs, a new pci-e graphics card and new DDR2 ram
  3. I have a ECS P4M800 pro-M (v2.0). It works fine with either 2gigs of DDR or DDR2. Don't expect great overclocks from any VIA motherboard, but all I have had (I had a ASRock 775 dual-VSTA too) have been stable and solid. Pair it up with a E2160 or a E4500 for a decent setup.
  4. I just bought a HD3850 AGP card for my old Dell Dimension 4600i. Along with putting DX10 on my system (running XP with DX10...yes, it is possible...just takes a ton of file download and install..and viola...nice upgrade!!!!)

    Anyways, I know I will need a better mobo in my next system....but hate the thought of this card being, check out:

    ASRock. From their site:

    The ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 can already be had for just under $75 mail order, making it a real bargain compared to similarly-equipped products from AMD's current processor series. The main reason is that in addition to all of the usual ingredients, the board offers the possibility of implementing either an AGP or a PCI Express graphics card, both of which work without any performance losses.

    You can use dual cards, one AGP and one PCIe.... And newer chips and processor, etc....

    Should be a nice choice for a new system.

    - Greg
  5. I got the same video card and I got an Super Multi Blue BH08 from LG BD burner and I got stuck with my old cpu.
    I'm not an AMD fan. I went to ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 manual and i did not understand what is the latest cpu supported. What is the latest intel cpu motherboard with an AGP slot?
    I got lost... any help is appreciated.

  6. I don't think there are really any AGP motherboards left.
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