Wireless card acting as a wireless router

i have a linksys wireless pci card (wmp54g) in my pc and i am wondering if there is a way to set it up so it acts as a wifi hot-spot? i already have internet via wired ethernet cable.
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  1. i think the easiest way to do this is to turn on the cards ad-hoc mode in the software, then run the windows network wizard and tell it that others connect via your machine, this should then assign a ip ending in .1 to the wifi (probably with connection sharing) and then you can connec tto it with other wifi devices and use the internet from your ethernet cable.

    doesnt your router have wifi anyway? its a lot of hassle to go through if it does.
  2. You could use ICS.

  3. i tried ICS, but i keep getting error.
    maybe cuz i connect to the internet via a router. not sure.
    the router is a wired d-link router. i have an old wireless router that doesn't make for reliable connection. i even tried using it as a switch. still no luck.
  4. What's the error message? Or get a new wireless router. They're only about $40.00.

  5. do a print screen or three of any and all errors you are getting.

    did you use the network wizard?
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