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Does anyone out there know if there's a way to protect the Sent Items folder? I'm using Outlook on my machines at work and would like to ensure that my employees cannot delete items from their sent folders. I'm having problems with people saying they've sent emails but not being able to produce them when asked. If I can stop sent items from being deleted then they can no longer use that excuse!

If it's not possible, has anyone else got any ideas to sort this problem?


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  1. Work with whoever is in charge of your email server. You can set many policies though the server, including user rights to folders in their inbox. Plus you can set logs on the email server to record emails.

    If they can't delete anything from Sent Items, how will they be able to free up space if the mailboxes get too large?
  2. Not sure if there is a programmable a solution, but: Why not ask them to set you on BCC everytime they send a e-mail?
    You can easily set up a filter on your computer which sorts the e-mail by employee and therefore you would have a copy of every mail they ever sent.
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