hard drives not recognized after format

my english is not very good so bare with me... please

A co-worker was cleaning a pc (moving things from one disk to another, the pc has 4) and then he decided to format a partition somewhere, now everytime we try to start the pc it starts to load and suddenly a blue screen which we cannot read because it goes away quickly and the pc goes to off mode, we cannot even get into safe mode

we used another disk from another pc and everything was fine, but we couldn´t burn or open a dvd the pc gives the white x on red circle warning, besides, it didn´t recognized the other hard drives

I got into using slax and a live cd, it shows the drives, and it says that they are unmounted :??: I choose to mount them, but they remain empty

what can I do?, suddenly I got to fix someone else mistake, I cannot format all, the owner needs his data, can I recover it on some way?

thanks in advance
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  1. To read the BSOD:

    1/ Click Start Button

    2/ On the Start Menu click Control Panel

    3/ When the Control Panel window opens click on the System icon

    4/ The system properties window opens

    5/ Click the Advanced tab

    6/ In the Advanced tab window locate the Start and Recovery section and press the Settings button

    7/When the settings window opens look for the System failure section

    8/ Remove the check mark from the Automatically Restart option

    9/ Click OK to Exit
  2. many thanks but sorry, I can´t get that far, the system goes off on the load bar, I cannot even enter into safe mode, that´s why it is so hard to fix :(
  3. Run manufacturer diagnostics on the hard drives. Run memtest86+ on the memory.
    Slax may not be seeing into the hard drive because they are partitioned with NTFS.
  4. Use command promt and run FDISK.
  5. rododendro said:

    it shows only one device even though there´s three, error on identify command, drive has been overtemp, case is opened :( this is so weird
  6. If you are using IDE drives, check the jumpers.
    The hard drive must show in the Bios.
  7. the bios gives me an error saying that there are two drives, the two named array 0

    the drives are sata and they are not being detected on the bios

    I got an error on the black screen, there are two strips 1 and 2, the second one gives me an error

    the array 0 says "broken"

    I get that one drive must be broken, but how come none of them are detected?
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