Best Media Player?

What do you guys think? WMP just doesn't cut it for me, any suggestions?
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  1. I have one word, VLC @

    It plays everything and there is no need to install any codes, it comes loaded and ready to work out of the box : )
  2. i prefer kmplayer as it have many other features.
  3. i downloaded potplayer and im pretty happy with it. thanks for the input guys!
  4. If you are looking for a hardware solution, have a look at this.
  5. Plus 1 for VLC
  6. I use
    VLC for videos
    Winamp for musik stored on my pc
    Spotify for music not stored on my pc (very nice since you have access to your own playlists even at your friends party)
  7. I am using VLC Media player and i really like it. its provide awesome voice quality.
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