Hard disk Clicks and then sounds like it stop spinning!

its brand new not more than one month WD 7200rpm Sata drive.

when it does sound like its spindle is stoping and running again. it sometimes hangs my system because of this hard drive error. my plan is to get it back and replace for a new one.
How many days to replace a Harddisk with this kind of error. im expecting like 1-2days coz they cant make repair with this kind of problem. unlike other parts like PSU it took me 3 week before they replaced it (for check up and sending it back to the supplier) that causes the long wait. what about this hard disk?

it still runs and can copy files but when it does the click & stopping sound its either hangs or still continue. this hard drive is just my second drive for extra storage and games.
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  1. Your harddrive is done when it starts to click so I'd back up some important data while you can. GL
  2. yup ill bring it to the store and get the replacement. I just don't know how long will the replacement process will take..
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