2900xt + Antec True Power 500w = baffled!??!

I'm totally confused and beefore I spend some cash on a hasty purchase I though I'd get help first.

I've got an athlon 4200 X2, 2gb Hyper X memory, 4x sata, an xfi audio card, an x1900xtx, 4 fans in my antec 900 (which I'm not a fan of, byy the by) and an antec truepower 500w psu.

Having hastily purchased an hd 2900xt the other day I'm concerned it won't run and I'm confused about amps per rail and volts per rail and the number of rails you need to get to Doncaster!

Could someone tell me if my setup will run fine or will I have to dig in to the old pockets?

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  1. Just to point out I've not taken delivery of the 2900 yet although I've worded it wrongly in previous post.

    Cheers again
  2. As far as I know there isnt a 500W truepower. Do you mean 550W? Well I cant find it on the site anyway. Is it a truepower Trio or Truepower 2?
  3. it can run an 8800gts with headroom :. (therefore) it can run a 2900XT
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