Concerns of G92 + P35 (or other current chipsets)

I'm going to be purchasing a new desktop system in September because my
current 4-year old Dell laptop is close to the verge of death with its
overheating issues and constant crashing. Since I haven't had a good
system in awhile I want to make a really good gaming system that will
last me for years.

For me, it feels like a very awkward time to purchase a new video
card. Not only is the current series of high end cards severely
overpriced, but the G92 is going to be released in about 3 months. I'm
pretty much set on my current system consisting of Quad-core Q6600, 4GB
DDR2 800, 8800GTX, but the current performance of the 8800 series on
DX10 is very discouraging.

I want to be able to upgrade to the G92 series when the time comes
around but I'm concerned that it won't run optimally with the current
P35 chipset since it only supports standard PCI-e. I know the x38 is
around the corner but other than PCI-e 2.0, I don't care about CF/SLi,
or DDR3 support. I also suspect the board will be very costly upon
release since it's targeted towards enthusiastic gamers.

My questions are:

1. Will the G92 series work with standard PCI-e 1.0? Logically,
Nvidia would be completely out of their mind to make it strictly PCI-e
2.0 because PCI-e 2.0 isn't even currently available on current mobos
resulting in horrible holiday sales.

2. Is it possible that current PCI-e 16x or any other components of my build will bottleneck the card?

3. Should I plan on purchasing a bigger PSU for the upgrade? I
currently have the Corsair 520HX, but should I get at least 600 or

3. Finally, when will Nvidia release more information and specs regarding their card? It's driving me nuts, at the moment.

Thanks for your help!
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  1. 1. Logically NVIDIA would make the card backwards compatible but if we look back to the AGP 1x , 2x , 4x and 8x days that may not be the most reliable.

    2. No components in that system will bottleneck your card the 8800GTX will only require a decent monitor to push those res numbers up.

    3. Quad core, P35, 4gb ram, 8800GTX get more than 520 i would suggest good 650-700 with solid 12V rails (Antec Trio range?)

    3.(the second) NVIDIA will release more info when they are good and ready.

    Have you touched on x38 supporting PCI-e2.0 but this will also bring in DDR3 i believe, meaning you change your ram with waiting for this.
    You say that GPU's now are overprice, the new G92 will be even more overpriced yet you want to wait for it?
    DX10 is in its early days and should grow once more driver updates are available (and DX10 patching itself) nothings perfect to start look at poor XP when it started?

    My Suggestion. Buy your machine today with what you currently have in mind, my only change possibly would be a 8800GTS rather than a GTX save on some dosh and wait and see what the new G92 brings to the fray.
  2. i am in same situation as you. I thinking of gettinig an 8800 gts or wait til november for G90 series or get cheap $40 card for now and hold it of til q4 for new card. I still haven't decide which card to YET :fou: just want to play CRYSIS UT2007 ON HIGH SETTING :D
  3. PCI-E 2.0 will be backwards compatibile, so you'll be able to use a PCI-E 2.0 card in a PCI-E slot. Or so it says here. You may get better performance with PCI-E 2.0, but that will happen only if the G92 maxes out the PCI-E bandwidth and needs the extra one PCI-E 2.0 if offering.
    As for the PSU, it would be good if you could upgrade, but then again, the 65nm fabrication process of the G92 allows for better power consumption. The "leaked" info about the G92 that is circulating on the Internet says that power consumption will be lower than that of a GTX.
    I'm in the same situation as you, I plan to buy a G92 when it's released, but I won't afford a mobo upgrade. Luckily, it seems we won't have to upgrade our mobos.
  4. Im pretty much with choockman on what he has said definatly get the bigger psu, the Quad core is nice as far as trying to get a litttle future proofing into the system goes but dont expect to much of a boost until they start programing for them properly.
    If you are set on getting that G92 but want the new pc now then consider the evga step up programe.
    Do check it out yourself but i think its 90 days and you can upgrade paying just the diff between the GTX and the G92 that way you have a v/good card and if the price is mental you wont be stuck with a lame card.
    You do of course need to be fairly sure when its going to be released(obviouslly)
    I am looking at getting a new system too but im going to wait for the next round of cards /cpus first as i hate the feeling when they put something new out 5mins after you buy it.
    I know it always happens but its one thing to have a same gen component thats not as good as it can be and another whole ball game if they release a card that can actually run DX10 while i just got a 8800 2 days out side the step up programe :lol:
  5. Step up programme ay, that sounds cool id look into that if i was a big gamer. Ill bet it has limits on store purchases and even countries im in AUS bet it doesnt apply here.

    Unfortunately everyone knows that there is no perfect time to by a new machine there is always something new around the corner.

    45nm intel
    AMD true Quad
    AMD/ATI new chip?

    Neverends by the time all companies do a loop they go back and start again till we end up with DDR6 and PCIex5.0 and 20core cpus
  6. (EDITED My mistake of misreading)

    Q5: Then PCIe 2.0 must be backward compatible with PCIe 1.1 and 1.0?
    A5: Yes. The PCIe Base 2.0 specification supports both the 2.5GT/s and 5GT/s signaling technologies. A device designed to the PCIe Base 2.0 specification may support 2.5GT/s, 5GT/s or both. However, a device designed to operate specifically at 5GT/s must also support 2.5GT/s signaling. The PCIe Base specification covers chip-to-chip topologies on the system board. For I/O extensibility across PCIe connectors, the Card Electromechanical (CEM) and ExpressModule%u2122 specifications will also need to be updated, but this work will not impact mechanical compatibility of the slots, cards or modules. Currently, the PCI-SIG is defining the PCIe CEM 2.0 specification which has been released to members for review at v0.5. There are currently no plans to adapt the PCIe Mini CEM specification for the faster bit rate as the market need has not yet materialized.

    BTW the only info i heard about the G92 being PCI-E 2.0 is from that 1 forum post that circulated the im not going to believe it...30 bucks says it will be PCI-E 1.1 and they will realse mobos that are 2.0 for future matter though im waiting till nov..hopefully my lappy and its trusty Go7600 2.0ghz Dual Core 2gig Ram and run Bioshock on Med/Low :|

    Also the EVGA Step-up wont work since its 90days and its August...and knowing Nvida it will be the last days of Nov till if anything buy at like the end of September if need be..or October
  7. You could probably keep that power supply if you didnt want to overclock at all. Corsairs psus are top quality. It would be cutting it a little close though.
  8. There is always something new stuff coming, technology moving very fast this days, i say if u want good pc get it now if u r going waitthere will be always new stuff out. u going to keep waiting and waiting until ur 60 :kaola:
  9. Antecs used to be good psu makers however their quality has dropped off and is more variable. I doubt that you will need to upgrade your corsair psu. It is more than powerful enough. It delivers a ton of amps for its 12v which is more than you'll need for the 65nm g92. the process will probably make the g92 equal or slightly hungrier in terms of power but not absurdly hungrier.
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