No Web Pages on WRT54GL - Big Mystery

Here’s a good one for someone to try to figure out.

1> Unable to view web pages on x2 PC's
2> Unable to remote desktop from PC no1 to PC no2 but can do this the other way around.
3> Unable to access the router’s config pages locally at

Current Set-up
PC no1 = Win XP
PC no2 = Win 2003 Server
Cable DSL - with Virgin Provider - Internet port on the router
Router = Linksys WRT54GL
> Port 1 – PC no1
> Port 2 – PC no2
> Port 3 – HP Printer
> Port 4 – Nothing

I bought a WRT54GL a few days ago, set this up with no problems. I connected the DSL to the Router, then PC no1, then Pc no2, then printer. Got internet access & local network connectivity on all PC's.

Then my power supply blew up on PC no2. I upgraded the motherboard & replaced the PSU. I then tried connecting this back onto the network through the router. No web sites through Internet explorer. Just "This Page Can Not Be Displayed" I also tried Opera & Firefox browsers & ran the internet connection wizard.

I turned the router off & tried setting everything up again but now I have issues with PC no1 not being able to see web pages as well

I tried browsing to (routers config pages) on both PC's but I get "This Page Can Not Be Displayed". I can ping fine. I turned DHCP off on PC no1 & gave it a static IP of & gave PC no2 Still no luck.

Now here's the weird thing. I can ping each PC from one another but I can only remote desktop from PC no2 (server) to PC no1 (Win XP). If I try to do this the other way around it just takes forever & then times out with no error. I can also browse files on the C: drive of each PC from the other PC.

I tried my cable modem straight in to PC no1 & this works fine. Then in PC no2 & again this works fine so I definitely have a router issue. Now here's another weird thing, I cant connect to my router locally on but I can connect to it remotely using .On the very same PC I can access the router remotely I am unable to Ping the router address of

Can anyone tell me what the hell is going on??
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  1. Try a factory reset on the router and reconnect each computer one at a time. Making sure they can access the router config page, internet, etc.
    Be sure to read through the manual if you need to open up ports, DMZ, etc..

    You don't by chance have a norton or symantec security suite installed or once installed do you? I have seen them block internet, pings, and RDP even after they have been "uninstalled".
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