is there anything wrong with having a PSU on the outside of the case?

is there? and will a standard power supply damage a SFF computer? i guess i would have to work out the drain the system puts on the PSU. i started to read the sticky about working out what Power supply is needed, but its a little hard to understand to say the least (i get the general gist and how to work some things out).
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  1. SFF computer?

    And I guess it's no problem to have the PSU outside of the case...
  2. no, it won't hurt, i have tried it (lan party rig), works fine
  3. hello again, long time, no post.

    nothing wrong at all, should be ok.

    Might fail a PAT test, might have to check that one, anyone know?
  4. PAT test? what do you mean?
  5. well, when i had to take my comp to a LAN party at uni, I had to have it tested for electrical continuity:

    proper earthing, no open holes or missing panels to get finger inside, basically making sure you didn't get zapped by the thing, even though your more likely to do damage to it by stick your hands inside whilst on!

    this is called a PAT test, i forget what PAT stands for.

    basically the uni was covering itself in case of electrical malfunction or fire or power cut etc, heath and safety mumbo jumbo.
  6. Ok I get it.
  7. PAT = Portable Appliance Testing

    Why don't you just get a bigger case that will firt a standard power supply if you need it, I don't think it is that safe outside of a case
  8. Thanks, for the info.
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