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I am upgrading my computer soon. I am moving from a HIS Hightech 512 128ddr2 graphics card. I am going to take advantage of my SLI Mobo. The cards I am getting are the

XFX PVT84JUDD3 GeForce 8600GT 256MB 128-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 SLI Supported Video Card

I am also getting a new power supply that that supports SLI.

LOGISYS Computer PS550AC ATX12V 550Watts
Link: 2bComputer%2bPS550AC

The thing is, does my ram have to be SLI supported. Currently I have Wintex ampX 1gb (2x512). I was just going to upgrade to 2gb (2x1gb). That way I would have 3 gb of ram. I don't think it supports sli though. What does it have to do with SLI anyways? Also, does voltage really matter? I currently have a 1.9v. I heard you can switch the voltage on it? Thanks for reading...
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  1. [:mousemonkey:2] I have serious doubts that PSU would cut it in a single card system let alone a dual card one and the ongoing consensus is that the 8600GT is not a very good gaming card and two would be no better [:mousemonkey:4] , have you thought about an 8800GTS 320MB?, one now and one later perhaps all powered by a nice Corsair HX620w.
  2. I have actually. I just don't want to spend 350 sandwiches on one card....
  3. You can buy graphic cards with sandwiches!, :o , where do you shop, seriously though if the 8600GT is a crap gamer then doubling up is just wasting twice as much cash, but it's your money and your call.
  4. underbyte18 said:
    The thing is, does my ram have to be SLI supported?

    SLI for memory has nothing to do with SLI for graphics.

    Here's a quote from the nVidia site about SLI memeory
    In collaboration with Corsair, NVIDIA worked on a better way to inform the bios of the memory characteristics. The objective is to adjust parameters to have optimum performances with or without overclocking. The result is SLI Memory or EPP which stands for Enhanced Performance Profiles. It consists in using the entire memory space available in the SPD to give additional information about the memory.

    The SPD is a small memory that is located on memory modules. It reports the specifications of the module. This information is however sometime incomplete or erroneous and most of the SPD space is unused. EPP is a sort of SPD 2 with more detailed profiles. 2 versions of these new profiles are available: full and abbreviated. 2 full versions (at different frequencies) can be stored in full mode whereas 4 can be stored in the small memory in abbreviated mode.

    Basically it helps tune the memory for optimal settings. But if you manually tune the memory anyways, then it's useless.

    Another quote from nVidia:
    NVIDIA SLI-Ready system memory certification ensures compatibility and system stability with the rest of the SLI ecosystem components including NVIDIA nForce SLI motherboards, NVIDIA GeForce GPUs, and SLI-Ready power supplies.

    The only meaningful part in that quote is that it's ensured to work with your SLI "certified" motherboard. It's ridiculous to think that the gfx card or power supply would keep memory from working. What a joke.

    With regards to voltage, you should run the voltage that the specific RAM module recommends. If you want to overclock, you'll need to add more voltage. :)
  5. i think that psu will power 2 8600GT's easily. Probably could run four of them lol. I have an 8600GTS OC version, running at 730MHz, and I have stripped the fan and plastic crap off it and converted it to passive cooling. The thing idles at 51C and never goes over 60. (I have good case airflow.)
  6. I know someone else already mentioned the 8800gts, but you need to seriously look at it. it's only $10 more than 2 x 8600gt you're looking at (actually it's the same price, but you only get $30 MIR instead of $40). That 1 card will absolutely destroy those 2 in SLI.
    you'll definately regret buying those 2 over the 1 8800gts.
  7. SLI memory is good depending on what model you get, I went with the whole "sli" package, on order atm, try finding SLI memory by OCZ which uses 1T command rate, can also lower other latencies by quite a bit for great performance.
  8. KK... I think I will try to go for the one sepayne21 reccamended. It isn' tthat expensive, and I can always buy another and really dominate. I think. Haha. Thanks.
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