OOMA VOIP with Microsoft Visa

I have a HP d4790y computer. How do I find what modem or not came installed.

This is the reason I'm asking this question...I have AT&T super duper thrown down warp speed DSL..I have a Router Westell 327w that I used with my older HP. hooked to this machine
I'm trying to install my OOMA Telo as per the instructions. I can get the VOIP to work but the computer internet will not..

I know I'm not the sharpest pencil in the box..


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  1. I checked the specs online and I don't see any modem. But you don't need a modem to connect to the internet unless you have a dial up service. But you have DSL so what you need is a LAN and your computer has one.

    You need your AT&T modem to connect to the router and then the router connects to your PC and the Ooma ATA device. If you connect your Ooma directly to your AT&T modem then you have no way of connecting your PC to the internet.
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