Best Silent 500Gb SATA2 (cheap) hard drive

Just trying to find a really silent 500Gb drive.
It's for storage so speed isn't that important - what is, is noiseless operation.

Dont want to pay stupid prices for a drive though so just want the most silent of the $100 price range drives.

Anyone know?

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  1. WD caviar 500GB caviar 16MB cache is a good bet.

    The Seagate slightly outperforms, slightly hotter, slightly more expensive.

    A WD 250GB laptop 5400 rpm will be much quiterer but at twice the price for half the storage.
  2. I've had several Seagates of both the .9 and the latest .10 versions. The older one is very quiet but the .10 makes an annoying clicking sound whenever it is accessed. I've had 3 of the .10 and purchased months apart and they have all had this same sound. My current one is inside an Antec 180 which is suppose to be pretty darn quiet with all its insulation and I can still clearly hear the drive. It is right next to an older .9 with is dead quiet.
  3. I have a seagate and WD harddrive... I will never again buy a seagate harddrive..

    runs ~10c hotter than the WD and is way louder. I wish I could throw it out a window.
  4. Really silent 500 GB Drives?:
    Samsung HD501LJ
    Hitachi T7K500
    Western Digital WD5000AAKS

    I dare say they're also the top 500GB drives.
    Note: They're all SATA drives.
  5. My seagate 7200.10 500gb makes a terrible noise every time is running. :( It is by far the loudest thing in my entire case now that I got an RMA on my psu.
  6. Yet another vote for the WD5000AAKS. I got three of them and have no noise issues.

    You should also look at WD7500AAKS. It uses a new technology called Perpendicular recording (which is not in WD5000AAKS yet). It's faster, quieter, cooler. OK, grain of salt, I haven't tried it yet, but the reviews are fantastic.
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