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ok, quick question, i have raided hard drives stripped, and i have XP installed on it now, i was wondering if you are able to partition raided hard drives, cus i would like to put vista on there too? thanks
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  1. RAid arrays is a setup in which you aggregate 2 or more hard disks to either

    Aggregate HArd disk space : raid 0 meshing two 500gb disks to create a single 1024mb one, also the data commit is divided betwen the two drives, theoritacally doublign up read write speeds, if a drive fails u loose all info

    Continious backup Mirroring of data (raid 1 whatever you write onto hard disks gets writed to both drives at the same time (slower)) if a drive fails u have a back up

    and a combination of both, so that they are backed up and enjoy the benefit of speed (raid 6 raid 9 i belive etc etc)

    all of this creates a single Logical Hard drive , which you can Partition in any way you want, yes you can double boot triple boot , just remeber you dont get to choose where or on what hard disk the partiotions will reside

    i personaly use two 80gb raptors in raid 0, with a 20gb system part and a games part, fast boot up times, fast load times, if i need to i just reinstlal/format on system drive, and im good to go, and i have no important info on these drives, but whenever you choose to use raid, backup plenty (unless mirroring!)
  2. Short answer, yes you can partition stripped (RAID 0) HDDs.

    Assuming that you've got XP taking up the entire RAID, you can get a programme like Partition Magic 8.0 or Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0. Using either of these, you can take some of the space from your XP installation and allocate it to the new (Vista) partition. The upside to this method is that it gets the job done without futzing around with your XP install. Although there is the cost factor in buying a legitimate programme.

    On the other hand, a low cost (free) method would be to wipe out the existing partition, re-create two partitions with the sizes of your choice, and then re-install XP and then Vista. The downside is the amount of work needed since you'll have to reinstall XP and the programmes you want to go with it. But it is low-cost (free) so that's a big bonus.

    So you need to ask yourself, costs involved but easy or free but more work?
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