Lets say that......OC the E6750 to 3.2 Ghz

You get the E6750 and OC it to 3.2 GHz with Thermalright Ultima 90 with Scythe S-Flex Fan in a Antec900 case. How long will it last in years? Will it burn out in 2+ Years or will it be going on forever? Or is it just luck and get a horrible chip that will last 3 Months?
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  1. well OC'ng will short the life of CPU , but dont worry if OC'ng was going to make everything to last 3-4months, then no one would have ever OC'd
  2. no 1 really knows how long it shortens the life.hell i know some people with old P2 and P3s o/ced still running 24/7 as an FTP Server
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