What is dns changer virus

i need information about dns charger virus
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  1. arpithayadav said:
    i need information about dns charger virus

    Then use your search engine.
  2. This virus changes the DNS setting that your operating system uses to do name lookups like www.tomshardware.com. If your DNS is set to point at a rogue DNS server, it will lie in effect. When you type in www.tomshardware.com, the rogue DNS server may send you to a site that looks like Tom's, but has malware embedded in the web page/site.

    If typing in a web address constantly takes you to the wrong site, the first thing to check is if your DNS settings have been altered.
  3. Although Wikipedia does not list exactly "name change virus", it does list an index to various links to information about different variants that could change the DNS location of the URL you are trying to access. Check out this page:

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