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My computer Gateway 550gr 3.2 g, 2 ram, nvidia 8500 pcie.

The video card was recently installed replacing a radeon 300.

During gameplay my computer froze. The chat became smears of color. This only lasted maybe a minute, but then on logging out it froze up again. I had been playing for about 3.5 to 4 hrs.

I have a 300w ps. I am wondering if this was from overheating ( no idea what temp it was, but the room was warmer than normal), or if i need to upgrade the ps. Thanks much for any and all advice.

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  1. Hmmm, the PSU may not be up to the job, or perhaps your video card overheated. Do you have good airflow in your case?
    A PCI blower next to the video card might help.
  2. Well humm.. I don't think I do. Until I have time to get this blower would it make a diff if i put a fan near the cpu or perhaps place it closer to a/c. The window a/c isn't that far away and I could keep it running.

    Thanks much for your advice. I am not computer savvy.
  3. Yea i have posted with guys who took the side of the case off and ran a fan next to it (not too close or on too high,just get the breese blowing through)i mean you got to sit near it to ,dont want droning or ear ache from the wind right?
    Its very Heath Robinson but effective.
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