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Computer will not boot...

I have an acer desktop specs being:

aspire m1641

Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit
Intel 2GHZ dual core CPU
western digital GB 7200rpm hard drive
2GB memory
self installed Linksys wireless adapter

Here is the problem...
One day while surfing the web the computer powered off as if someone pulled the plug. when trying to boot it up again, windows freezes a little bit into the startup (while the green lines are going by) and the screen gets some interesting multicolored lines.

Things I know, bios runs fine and as long as I want it to, reinstalling windows gets the same problem without the multicolored lines (windows vista and windows 7 installations, windows 7 freezes before the glowing orbs fly in), the hard drive is operational when plugged into an older computer and shows virus free, this is also how I know the power box works as the old computer did not have a power line for the hard drive so i just used the newer computers power box and the old computer to read it, lastly the bios battery still has power I tested it.

I'm stumped here any insight would be welcome I can understand the computer being dead I just want to know how it died.

By the way I did not know where to put this so it is just under the OS I guessed.
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    video card has gone out.
    do you have another card to test.?
    try pulling out RAM and then re-seating them one at a time after successful boot to also test the RAM and RAM slots..
  2. This happened to me last night! However I'm not getting green lines; rather my computer doesn't do anything when it loads dmi pool data.
  3. Sounds like the video card is going out, or is overheating. Best solution might be to grab an add in PCI express video card and install that. You will probably see better performance from that anyway. You can get a low end card from newegg for around 30 bucks.
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