Daily Briefing App/Site/Service?

Hi all,

I'm looking for something to quickly bring me up to speed with what's going on in the world when I wake up. I guess what I'm looking for is a way to condense all the information it usually takes me 10-15 minutes to gather in the mornings onto one screen that I can sift through quickly and efficiently. Mac, PC, iOS... platform does not matter. I'm looking for some kind of app/site/web service that would give me access to the following (though preferably configurable to more);

-Weather: Hourly forecasts, along with any weather advisories/alerts
-Calendar: What I have on my schedule that day
-News: Headlines from certain key fields/sites I follow (World News, US News, Tech News, etc.) Also if possible would be alerts (Google News Alerts?)
-Traffic: Current traffic conditions for my commute
-Miscellaneous: iTunes Top 10, trending topics on Twitter, Facebook notifications/updates, etc.

Maybe something like the widgets from Mac OS' dashboard, crossed with the ease of use/portability of an iPad, with RSS feeds and Google News Alerts? Ahh, at this point I'm just thinking out loud.

TL,DR; Does anyone know of such an app/site/service? Thanks in advance for any ideas/help you guys can provide!
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  1. Anyone? Please?
  2. Netvibes. Not sure about itunes though.
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