How to increase render speed in 3Dmax 32 bit

Hello, Configuration : phenom NIX6-1090, 8GB Corsair Vengeance; ATI readon 1GB; Win 7 ultimate 64Bit. M using 3D Max 32bit with above config, how should i increase the render speed
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  1. Get a faster CPU, faster and/or more RAM, and SSD drive or two. The faster the PC the faster it renders. Pretty simple. It'd swap to an Intel i7 processor, those are faster than the Phenom CPUs. If you want to increase speed without upgrading any hardware, can't do that.

    You can turn off any antivirus as well when rendering, can unplug from the internet while you do. Any other fluff programs that may be running, audio managers, backup assistants, etc...
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