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Cooling help (Antec Nine Hundred & Freezer 7 Pro)

Last response: in Overclocking
September 12, 2007 7:07:11 PM

Hi, I picked up a Freezer 7 Pro today on a whim and wondered what direction it needs to face when I fit it?
The instructions state 'Align the Freezer in a standard ATX case in such a way that the fan blows the hot air to the back. Use there a case fan to remove the hot air.'

I have an Antec Nine Hundred case which has a 12cm fan on the rear and a 20cm top fan. The instructions seem to suggest that I should point the Freezer fan in the opposite direction of the rear 12 cm fan (i.e. facing the 5.25" bays), is that right? Would I see any improvement pointing it in any other direction (e.g. pointing the fan towards the bottom so the 20cm case fan draws the heat away instead?) I am a complete noob to cooling systems. :D 

Second quick question, is that along with the cooler I picked up another 12cm fan to mount in my case as there is room for one on the side window. What way do I need to mount this? (i.e. backwards or forwards?). It's currently mounted in the direction shown in the picture below of me holding it (forwards?), as the other fans are. However reading about, am I right in saying I want some fans to be positioned the other way (backwards?)... so some draw in air whilst others can expell it back out of the case? Or am I talking nonsense?

Any help much appreciated.

E6300 1.66Ghz (OC @ 3.ghz)
Gigabyte 965P-DS3
2GB Patriot DDRII 6400
Leadtek 7950GT OC
80GB x 2 (Raid 0) (XP)
400GB x 2
500GB x 2
40GB (Linux)
Medion DVB-T 100 Tuner
Hiper Type R 580W Modular PSU
Antec Nine Hundred
AC Freezer 7 Pro


Freezer 7 Pro box:

Side fan:

Side fan - fitted the right way?

September 13, 2007 7:57:42 AM

I would set it up so that the air is leaving the HS fan and getting pushed to one of your exhaust fans, the top one or the back one. U should have your side fan intaking new air. Thats how i have my Antec 900 set up, and it works flawlessly!
September 14, 2007 8:50:09 PM

Cool, cheers for the help. So if I want to intake air the 12cm side fan needs to be mounted backwards? (i.e. the opposite direction to the way it is facing in the pics).

I lapped the IHS and mounted the Freezer 7 Pro - with case fans on low, the Freezer fan on full speed and CPU at stock I'm idling around 23-24 degrees on the cores, which is pretty good. Overclocking to 2.8Ghz, no change in voltage, CPU at 100% load, the cores reach 50-51 degrees, which is only a 5-6 degree improvement from before I lapped or replaced the stock fan but still good I guess.