can the 8800gts 320mb run a game @ 1920x1080 smoothly?

I'm building an entertainment PC that hooks up to my 42inch 1080p lcd tv. I just wanted to know if the 8800 GTS 320mb would be good enough to run games smoothly at the 1920x1080 resolution?.. or if I would need to consider a better card?
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  1. It would be unlikely to pump out amazing framerates, but it depends on the game and also what settings you run. What's the specs of the rest of the PC (including power supply, not just wattage, model is good)?
  2. My 640MB 8800 GTS runs games at 1920x1200 well up to 4xAA and 16xAF depending on the game, I play BF2142, ut2004, Prey, FEAR, Doom3. I get typical fram rates of around 60fps, though BF2142 can slow down to about 45fps if there is alot of action. Additionally for comparison, my dad says that Prey and other games work well with his 256MB 7900GS at 1920x1200 and high settings though I am not sure if he is using any AA or AF. Also, I use XP so expect vista and anything using dx10 to be slower.

    I think the 320MB 8800GTS would be good enough for most games today, though I'm not sure how it will hold up with max settings on upcoming games such as UT3 or Crysis. You might have to turn down the settings a bit, I'm not sure if it would be worth it to spend an extra couple of hundred of dollars just to max out the settings.

    Hope this helps
  3. I would go for the 640Mb version, it will be able to handle the higher res much better than the 320Mb. Although, it may be worth it just to get the GTX considering the price of the 640Mb GTS.

    As pshrk said, if you use vista and DX10 in the games, it will be alot slower. Maybe Crysis will shine a little brighter than the rubbish (patched) DX10 out so far.
  4. If your system is SLI capable, you could get one 640MB GTS now and then you will have the option of upgrading to SLI later.

    I'm guessing you already checked out Toms the VGA charts? 06&model2=778&chart=279
  5. Firstly... what is an "Entertainment PC"?
    If it like a HTPC, that card should be PLENTY
    If its for games, yes it CAN run games at that rez.
    Just like the Queen CAN run. It just makes u cringe watchning it :p
    My 320 only JUST runs current games at max at 14x10.
    The bottleneck in that sys (assuming u have god a good cpu) would be ram on the card.

    Get the 640
  6. 320 vs 640 again bla bla bla

    You mentioned you want to run games "smoothly". For "smooth" gaming at that res just get a GTX.
  7. I got the oc'd 320mb just last week. I am not sure of how well it runs at that res yet b/c i havent installed my whole comp yet. However, most games right now and through Christmas should be "ok" on that card. I was going to go for a GTX which would be the best choice. However, what is the point in getting that card when you cant really use its full potential for 4 months. Not to mention there have been rumors of a 9800 coming out too. I am willing to wait for that card and make due with a descent card. But, if you want a sure thing and a good deal, go to and buy the evga 8800 gtx for 519.99 b4 a 30 rebate. Best deal i know of if they are still in stock.
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