My multiboot epic fail...Please Help

Well first off, I am running Windows 7. Its been the best to me except one thing. My printer only has 32 bit drivers and I have a 64bit OS. What I did was partition my drive and install Windows XP home on that partitioned drive. The installation was successful except that XP was now the only only thing that was bootable. I couldn't multiboot. It would always start in XP. To make things worse, I couldn't even go online on XP. I had found a solution to dual boot but it required me to download something from windows update. Even if I was able to dual boot, I still wouldn't be able to go online. So I put my Win 7 disk and repaired it which made windows 7 my boot again. Then I deleted my whole windows xp partition (I hope that doesn't damage it)

So... Now I need help. I want to try to install xp again but I want win 7 to be my main boot instead of xp taking over like it did. Also not being able to connect to the internet with xp. What could be the problem?

I appreciate any help. Thank you.
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  1. Since you have already installed Win7, download and install EasyBCD 1.7.2 Then you can you can re-install WinXP on another HDD (or on a Primary Partition of THE HDD). Then boot to Win7 and use EasyBCD 1.7.2 to edit your OS boot choices. MS did try to help us here: installing WinXP on 1 HDD (or on Primary Partiton), and THEN installing Win7 on another HDD (or Primary Partition), will automatically modify the WinXP boot.ini file to allow multi-boot from the same machine.
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