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I'm building my own computer and have a question concerning the system bus. I've been told that the core 2 duos (like the E6850 I'm getting) are "quadpumped", and to find the actual fsb you have to divide the advertised 1333 by 4 to get 333. I have also been informed that to get the actual bus on DDR ram you have to divide by 2, so in this case to get a 1:1 ratio between ram and cpu I should be buying 667 memory. What I'm still unsure about is whether or not 4GB of cheap 667 ram with good timings (something like 3-3-3) and a 1:1 ratio with the fsb would be better than pricier, "higher quality" ram that seems to be more popular with the community (like some 2GB 4-4-4 or 5-5-5 800/1060 modules)

mobo I'm going to be using is this

the two ram I'm deciding between are


If the cpu is what's bottlenecking the speeds, I don't see why the cheaper ram should be any worse, but just seems like I'm missing some vital part of the equation here or the other ram wouldn't cost so much more and be so much better rated. If anyone could fill me in on that missing piece of information, or recommend I go through with the cheap ram, I'd appreciate the advice.

(also, sorry if this belonged in the memory portion of the forums, I wasn't sure which one to put it in)

*edit - looks like the 4 gigs of cheap 667 memory is no longer there, so replace really cheap 4 gigs with 2 gigs of fairly pricey g.skill ram

still would like to know if this is a wise purchase over the higher bus ram though
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  1. well 4 gigs of ram will show in Bios but not in any 32Bit operating system becuase there are limits to what it can address and the limit is a little over 3 gigs and thats it.

    as far as speed for ram it goes by channel speed 667 is 333mhz, a Intel CPU with 1333FSB is 333x4 so the channel is 333Mhz

    Core 2 Duos shine much better with DDR2-800 or 1066 and you can get cheap DDR2800 Ram now and if you want to OC later you can because you will have the headroom for increasing the clocks later.

    CL 4 or 5 DDR2-800 is what is most commonly used and resonably priced .

    2 Gigs of DDR2-800 XMS ram is less then 140 bucks and that the best all around ram out there period.

    and has timing

    Motherboards are starting to add suppot to the 1333FSB for the older 1066FSB Boards and new boards are out and more to come with native 1333FSB support

    Intel has the
    G33 boards
    P35 boards
    and even added support to the
    975XBX2 for E6850,6750 and 6550

    ASUS has a long list of boards with support as well

    its not the chipset , its the size of the memory it can handle for native support and if the Motherobard maker offers support and a Bios flash
  2. Thanks a ton man, been waiting for an answer like that, you're a life saver (right before I ordered with the wrong ram too, was literally tabbed out of the final confirmation when I read that!)
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