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OK so I really really would like an answer to someone who knows something about this issue. I get into a ton of discussions about CPU's and performance in benchmarks etc. And I always get in a discussion with biased AMD fanboy's about how dissapointing the performance of the new bulldozer cpu is. When I ask for proof as to why I should choose BD over an Intel CPU they send me a list of benchmarks. A small obsecure list. Then when I respond with a barrage of benchmarks favoring Intel I ALWAYS get "well synthetic benchmarks are using the Intel compiler therefore Intel is cheating" and then they dismiss the results a "skewed" toward Intel cpu's. Wasn't this forever ago? And wasn't this issue resolved? Or is it true that practically every reviewer on the planet is biased and are purposely using benchmarks favoring Intel??
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  1. It is true that compilers can be optimized for certain CPUs, and I would expect Intel's compiler to have special optimizations for their CPUs. Why not? They put the time into their compiler!

    But back to the question about Intel versus AMD: Each CPU has strengths and weaknesses, so use the one that best suites your needs. Determine which is best with benchmarks related to your needs. If you are a gamer, then rely upon the game benchmarks. If you are a scientist, then rely on the synthetics or run your own custom benchmarks.
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