How to connect 2 Wireless Routers Together

I am planning on having a lan party in a couple of days and I don't have a ethernet cord thats long enough to reach the garage. What i want to do is setup another router in the garage thats connected to another router that is connected to the cable modem in another room via ethernet cord.

What i want to do is have the main router in the room that has the cable modem in it. That router already has a laptop connected to it wirlessly + a Playstation 3 and another computer thats connected through a ethernet Cord. Now I want the second router to be in the garage connected to the main router, The second router will have the computers in the lan party connected to it VIA wireless (laptops) and ethernet Cord (home PCs without wirless cards) If at all is that possible. Both Routers are Linksys WRT54G. If anyone can teach me how to make this happen it would be most appriciated. Thanks in advance.

Diagram below
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  1. Create a routing protocol between the two routers, simple RIPv1 or 2 or if you have the ability put the router in the garage into access point mode only and expand it to the edge ...
  2. Donwload/install the DD-WRT firmware on the router in the garage and then convert it to a wireless bridge.

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