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I've got some cash to burn so I'm looking to get a solid rig put together before I head back to school. I primarily want to do dvd ripping burning and creation. I also want to be able to game. I Already bought and Antec P180B case so thats firm but what do you think about the rest?

CPU: Intel C2D E6750
MOBO: Gigabyte P35C - DSR
GPU: XFX 8800 GTS 320mb XXX
RAM: Crucial Ballistix 2gb PC2 6400
PSU: OCZ GameXStream 700w
HDD: WD Caviar SE 80GB
HDD: 2x WD Caviar SE16 500GB
OPTI: 2x Sony/NEC Optiarc
Cooling: Zalman 9500 & AS5
Monitor: Acer 2216Wbd

All in an Antec P180B

Buying it all on Newegg they absolutely rock! Also thinking of doing some TV recording so any suggestions welcomed.



I do not currently plan to overclock but I chose parts to leave that door open.
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  1. Oh I forgot I can't decide on OS's but I think I will just dual boot.

  2. I'd get Seagate drives, they seem to have better quality and run cooler. Looks good though. If you can put a little more money together for a Q6600 :)
  3. Hey hows it going. I just built myself a new rig to do the same thing as you would like to do. (im also a college student) Anyways i have a smaller case than you so i chose a micro ATX board. Ill give you my specs.

    MObo =Gigabyte GA-G33M-DS2R
    CPU =Q6600
    HD =Seagate 7200.10 320 gig (2)
    PSU = OCZ GXS 700 watt
    RAM = OCZ DDR2 6400 5-5-5-15
    GPU = 8600GTS
    TV tuner= Avermedia TV tuner PCIe 1x
    and a no name dvd burner

    That tv is great toms did a review on it a few weeks ago. It plugs into a PCIe 1x slot so its new technology. Im running my CPU at 3.0 GHZ on the stock cooler and stock voltages its alittle loud but it works. I was lucky and got the new G0 stepping for my Q6600. If you are doing DVD editing lke AVI to DVD i really suggest getting the Quad. Its just awesome.

    As for what you have i think everything will work great. I would suggest the Seagate and the quad core. The graphics card you have is very good and same with the mobo.
  4. If you do a lot of encoding, then a Q6600 may be a better choice.
  5. how is the software for the avermedia?

    and any reasons why I should go with the Q6600 will the encoding utilize all four cores? I know that for most games they dont use all 4 cores but as cheap as the q6600 is now that may be the chip of choice

    would stepping up to 4 gb of ram help in the encoding tasks? I know I would need a 64 bit OS and there are still issues recognizing all of it but would that help the problem without stepping up the CPU?
  6. i dont use the software from avermedia. I have Vista Ultimate 64 bit and it use use the built in media center. Infact if you want software you have to download it from the website. ( im guessing to cut costs)
  7. I second the Q6600. Also get a Hauppauge PVR-150 tuner, or a PVR-500 (that one can record two shows at the same time).
  8. thnx guys I'm definitely going to look into the tuners and I think you might have swayed me to the Q6600 I'll post pics sometime next week
  9. yeah its been decided Q6600 and OCZ Sli Ready Ram and Tuniq Tower 120
  10. Sounds great good luck with everything! :)
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