Help me build a silent PC: $1000-$2000 budget, but try to keep it low

Don't cheap out on the parts, but I don't need to utmost premium.
7600 GS: Not OK
8800 GTS: Fine
Dual 8800 Ultra: No

But if you need to spend more money to make the computer quieter, by all means do it. I'm looking to have a Q6600 with g0 stepping and to overclock.

That's it, thanks in advance for the help.
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  1. Antec P182
    Corsair 520
    Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q6600 2.4GHz
    STT DDR2-800 2GB (2x1GB) CL4
    Seagate ST3500630AS 500GB
    Lite-On LH-20A1S-12 20X SATA
    MSI nVidia GeForce 8800GTX 768MB

    Price: ~1450
  2. What about the Sonata III and the already included PSU? What heatsink should I get for the CPU? I was thinking one of these:

    Also, would the Corsair 520, PC Power & Cooling Silencer, or the Sonata III included PSU be more quiet?
  3. the PSUs what come with cases are usually really cheap units. I would take them out and use them as backups, but not main units. I have a Corsair PSU myself so I could recommend the Corsair. The Sonata III is a really nice silent case though. It's really your choice as to which you like. Both that and the P182 are great.

    If you like you can msg me with any questions you have :)
    AIM/Yahoo Maximus9102
  4. Shyfe said:
    What about the Sonata III and the already included PSU? What heatsink should I get for the CPU? I was thinking one of these:

    Also, would the Corsair 520, PC Power & Cooling Silencer, or the Sonata III included PSU be more quiet?

    Can anyone else attempt to answer my questions?
  5. I've found to be a good place to go for information about silent computers.
  6. The PC P&C Silencer is quiet, and it gets some unbelievable reviews. I honestly think this is the best brand in the PSU business these days. Expensive. but then so is the 8800 GTX.

    CPU cooler: Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme is one of the best. Your list contains Zalman models (I'd avoid them, they get noisy under load) and 4 Scythe models. The best of those Scythe models IMO is the Ninja. The Infinity cools a bit better than the Ninja but makes more noise and requires two fans for best results. The Katana makes a bit less noise than the Ninja but cools much worse. Your choice, it depends on whether noise or more MHz is your first priority.

    Pick a fan like Noctua or S-Flex for the cooler.

    Good luck!
  7. Thank you for the help, but do you know how the PC Power & Cooling compares to the Corsair? I heard it gets noisy under load. Also, the Corsair doesn't seem very powerful, Yeah, the rails add up to 54, but what if I need a 30 amp rail for a 1 PCI-E video card?
  8. My corsair is completely silent :) and they have a 620W version too. PPC is amazing though. You get what you pay for.
  9. The PC P&C has only one rail with 60A. The 8800 GTX works with a Corsair 520HX too, no worries. A Corsair 620HX is probably better because it would be used in the middle area of the chart where efficiency is highest and heat dissipation lowest (so the fan doesn't have to go nuts).

    The noise: yes, if the ambient temperature is 50 Celsius and it's under load, the Silencer gets noisy. Look here:

    I don't have the problem. That's probably because I have a large case and five 120mm fans in it, and air conditioning, and I suspect I never passed 70% of the maximum PSU load either.
  10. How does your system run (noise wise)? It looks like I could use it for comparison except mine will be a bit different.
  11. It's better than I expected, but I just got it and haven't really pushed it yet. It's pretty quiet when encoding a DVD, for example. Haven't got a chance to play anything serious yet, so I don't know if the video card gets noisy when hot. That's my main worry, in fact. I think I'll go buy Oblivion or something one of these days, then we'll see...
  12. For the cooler, how would the Tuniq Tower compare in terms of quietness/performance?
  13. It's excellent, close to the best on both.

    Keep in mind that the reviewers I quoted above replaced the stock fan on the Tuniq with a Papst fan (that's a German thing, I believe, I suspect you won't find it in North America). You may get even better results than they did with a Noctua or S-Flex.
  14. Wow, they all look very very similar. However, the Tuniq Tower has closer fins and I heard the more spread out fins of the Scythe would work better with the fans generating lower air flow (lower RPM). Also, does "duct" mean without the fan?

    Also, does noise build up? Would 5 120mm fans at 30 dB be louder than say.. 2 120mm fans at 35 dB?
  15. Don't know. I'd sure like to hear the answer to that one too...

    The good news is that a good case will typically reduce the 30 dB of a fan to something like 10 dB, and in a typical room where you have 35 dB anyway with the PC turned off those fans won't make a difference even if you have several of them.

    Just for math's sake: I understand that adding 10 dB is perceived by the human ear as doubling the noise. Based on this, 8 fans at 30 dB should sound like one fan at 60 dB, or 4 fans at 30 dB should sound like one at 50 dB, or 4 fans at 20 dB should be barely heard (40 dB) in the typical room.

    I think 30 dB is too pessimistic, BTW. There are better fans than that at around CAD$ 19 for example. The ones in the TJ09 are rated at 21 dB, and the Scythe S-FLEX SFF21E (1,200rpm) 120mm at 20.1 dB. There are better ones too, like Noctua, I just couldn't get those where I live.

    I'll start studying the "fan controller" option. Wouldn't it be nice of the fans moved slower when I'm just typing junk in a forum and faster in the middle of a game :) There's got to be some software/hardware combination that can do it without me pushing buttons.
  16. Hmm so would you recommend the Cosair 620HX or the PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610
  17. I own the Corsair HX620, don't hear it at all, ever...

    Also to consider...if you're a WM freak, and want re-splice your SATA power connectors, the Corsair has the ones you can do that with.

    This is an example of what I'm talking about:
  18. Either is good, so get the one you find on sale :)
  19. Both about the same price. 610 = $150, 620=$160 Both on Newegg so you can search it up yourself for the exact price.
  20. OK, I'd pick the PC P&C then.
  21. Oh wait it's $150 for 610 and $140 for 620.
  22. OK, get the HX620. They're extremely similar anyway, both designed by Seasonic, both high quality. The HX is modular, which some people say is a bad idea (it introduces points of failure where cables are connecting to each other) but most people find it useful. The HX620 is also a bit shorter, which is useful with the P182 or any other mid-tower. Go for it!
  23. Are the cables long enough if hypothetically the PSU bay for the p180/182 was on the top left and I wanted to reach it to the HD bay on the bottom right?
  24. The PSU bay is on the bottom, actually. Here's a picture:

    Yes, it will be fine. The 620HX has extra long cables, it has been designed with this sort of cases in mind.
  25. That's why I said hypothetically.
  26. Okay, this looks like my final rig. Any more suggestions? - $1151 After rebates
    Good deal?

    Should I get the Corsair or G.Skill DDR2?
  27. Both Corsair and G.Skill are good , but i think G.Skill is cheaper

    Your buid looks good
  28. Went with a very similar build. You should go with the superclocked version of that GPU, although I'm not sure about the noise level.

    I vote for Corsair, but I hear it's a bit of a pain to get your mail in rebate with them.
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