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Hello. I have assigned the Driver letter M: to my CD Rom via Computer Management; Disk Management. However it will not remember this. I have to do it every time. How do I get Windows XP to remember the Letter M: for the CD. This has never happened before.
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  1. Why not just let it stay as D drive?
  2. I have the same problem. I have a portable hard drive that I use on several PCs. I want it to be F: on all of them. I have some CD drives that are G: and up. It used to work fine, then things changed. At first, if I didn't plug in the hard drive until after I logged in it would be okay, but if I did, the CDs would get F: and up and the hard drive would get assigned next. Now, it's even worse. Whether I plug in the drive during boot or not, the order is wrong. So after each boot, I have to unplug the hard drive, reassign the CD drives and then plug the hard drive back in. I need the hard drive to be F: because a lot of programs I run expect data to be at F:. Thanks.
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